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  The family name "Petts" comes from an East Kentish language spoken in the South Eastern corner of Great Britain in around 400 A.D. It belonged to settlers from the Western coastline of Europe, thought by some to be Jutes, but it is more likely that they were Friesians, who came to the island to escape competing tribes from the Eastern seaboard of Europe, and the rising sea levels in their homeland.

  This website has been published to gather and disseminate information about the long history and ancestry of this ancient name, and the people who have born it.

  Created, designed and maintained by Robert and James Petts (father and son) of Buckinghamshire, England, it is hoped that those living around the world who share in the Petts heritage will be able to learn a little more about this unusual name.

Please note that this site is at present incomplete. More updates are planned presently. For more information on the family name, please contact Robert Petts.

This website was last updated on the 27th of June 2003.

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